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  Interpreters' Workshop, "Returnees", 12-16 August 2019

A variety of activities are involved, all of which aim to practise passive and active spoken language skills:

• Video and sound recordings, plus invited speakers

• Discussion, summaries, presentations, role play etc.

• Vocabulary flexibility, use of metaphors, collocations etc.

• If required, instruction in specific points of English usage

The materials cover a variety of topics of general interest without any particular focus on one subject area.

All the workshops take place at a central location in Edinburgh. Although the city is best known for its International Festival and Fringe Festival in August, there are ample opportunities for visits to cultural events all the year round. The cost is EUR 950.


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Workshop date:

12th to 16th August 2019

What others are saying

"The instructors foster an atmosphere that encourages the creative use of the language. The three workshops I attended have significantly added richness to my interpretations. Highly recommended!"


Bettina, Berlin

"I especially liked the fact that the teachers tailored the workshop to our needs, based on our requests and most frequent mistakes. I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone wishing to brush up their English and receive detailed individual feedback. I definitely plan to return!"


Adela, Czech Republic

About us

Having founded Xchange Services in 2008 to provide high-end translating and interpreting services, we now also offer intensive workshops for translators and interpreters as well as tailor-made tuition for individuals. Our aim is to assist professionals in improving their communication skills and thus achieving greater success – both professionally and personally. As firm believers in the importance of culture and context in language learning, we deliver our courses exclusively in Edinburgh.


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