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Experienced professional interpreters and translators have plenty of opportunities to practise their language transfer skills as part of their daily work – but they have fewer opportunities to focus exclusively on their English. The idea of the workshops is to offer an opportunity to brush up their oral communication skills and develop greater flexibility in expressing ideas in English. Actual interpreting or translating is NOT involved. To ensure intensive tuition, participant numbers are strictly limited to 8 participants.

Interpreters’ workshops

Translators’ workshops

The workshop, which will take place from 12-16 August 2019, is aimed at experienced conference interpreters who work into English and wish to improve their oral skills. It is reserved for colleagues who have already attended at least one of our workshops in the past. As well as the usual types of exercise, it will include at least three new invited speakers on an interesting range of subjects.

We are also offering, as an optional extra, a minibus excursion on Sat 17th August. For planning purposes, we would be grateful for initial - non-binding - indications of interest.

The workshop is aimed at experienced conference interpreters who work into English and wish to improve their oral skills. It is reserved for colleagues who have NOT already attended one of our workshops in the past. It will take place from 19th to 23rd August 2019.

Despite being originally conceived for interpreters, the Edinburgh Workshops have also proved extremely popular amongst translators. Some participants may wish to boost their ability to speak to English clients, while others may just feel they need to re-engage with spoken English and expand their colloquial vocabulary. Whatever your motive, you will find these workshops enjoyable and stimulating.

Individual tuition provides an ideal complement to our workshops, focusing on specific aspects which are simply too individual to be addressed sufficiently in a group workshop.

One-on-one tuition or group courses can be organised for any friends or family members travelling to Edinburgh with you. Please ask for a separate quotation.

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Having founded Xchange Services in 2008 to provide high-end translating and interpreting services, we now also offer intensive workshops for translators and interpreters as well as tailor-made tuition for individuals. Our aim is to assist professionals in improving their communication skills and thus achieving greater success – both professionally and personally. As firm believers in the importance of culture and context in language learning, we deliver our courses exclusively in Edinburgh.


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This year we are running two workshops - one for "returnees" from 12-16 August, and one for "newcomers" from 19-23 August. There is also an optional "extra": a guided minibus tour on the Saturday following the "returnees" workshop (17 August). For more details, see the...


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